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{September 30, 2009}   iPodolution

Have you ever noticed that the iPod you use everyday on your way to work or where ever you need to go has a beautiful design? Right now Apple’s iPod has a great design but it went through a lot of work to get where it is now. Lets look at the evolution of the iPod.

The Newton • 1993

newton•Was a major flop when released to the public

•Laid the groundwork for future portable device, like the iPod

Classic Line

G1 iPod – 2001


•Apple’s White Design

•Mechanical Wheel

G2 iPod – 2002

ipodsecond•Touch sensitive wheel

G3 iPod – 2003


•Entirly touch sensitive

•Designs start getting thinner

G4 iPod – 2004


•Used the click wheel from iPod Mini.

•Harry Potter and U2 editions developed from this model

G5 iPod – 2005


•”iPod Video”

•Black design instead of white

G6 iPod – 2007

ipod_classic_6th_generation•New “iPod Classic”

•Aluminum design

Classic Line branched off into Shuffle, Nano, Touch and iPhone

Shuffle Line

Shuffle 2005


•”Life is Random”

Shuffle – 2006

shufflecolours•Smallest device made by Apple

•Used flash memory rather than a hard disk

•Available in a variety of colors

Nano Line

G1 Nano – 2005


•Stainless steel back

•Available in black and white


G2 Nano – 2006

ipodnano2g Aluminum design

•Available in variety of colors

G3 Nano – 2007

ipodnano3g•Shorter, wider design but just as thin

•Variety of colors

•Video as well as music

G4 Nano – 2008


•Back to tall thin design


iPod Touch and iPhone – 2007

ipodtouch•Only one button

•Stainless steel back

•Touch-sensitive screen

iphone•Music player as well as a cellular phone

•Stainless Steel back

•Touch-sensitive screen

Apple’s designs have changed along side technology, iPods too. The designers keep challenging themselves and from that they keep improving their designs. iPods have gone form dull and clunky to sleek and stylish with a modern twist. They’re popularity will only continue to grow.

Site I used for information:


Cool video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sQEpl2n5wo


{September 10, 2009}   The Best Worst Website

I figured everyone would be writing about how to design a good website so I thought I’d switch up things a bit…. Instead of telling you how to design a good website I’m going to tell you how to design a bad one. I know all of you are smart enough to not listen to me and do the opposite. Don’t try this at home/work/anywhere!

To make the best worst website you have to make the viewer really regret ever looking at your site. It should be torture for them to look at it and after they see it they will never forget what a horrible site it was. Your number one goal in this endeavor will be to make sure they will never type the address of your site into their browser ever again. That is unless they blocked it from their memory and forgot they were even there in the first place.

At the viewer’s first glance the jumbled mess that you call your website should leave them both blind and confused. This can be achieved by the proper use of text, links, and graphic elements.

Text should be torture to try and read. I find the best way is to choose a type that is too small to read and a bright color that clashes with the background. Also if your feeling particularly nasty you could fill your paragraphs with so many spelling mistakes that even if your viewer put in the extra effort to try and read your type they wouldn’t be able to read it anyway.

But now that you’ve trapped your victim into your abysmal website they will have to try to find their way out (if they haven’t closed the window already) and if you have placed your links in the proper places this should be a synch. Links work best when they are hidden from view and put in the most inconspicuous places possible.

trapped in a website...
trapped in a website…

Photos and other graphic elements can be whatever your heart desires they don’t have to have anything to do with the material covered in your site and serve only to confuse the viewer further.

As I said, folks, this information is NOT the correct way to design a website but I hope I at least taught you what NOT to do. Good luck and use this information as you choose. 🙂

This link has some good examples of bad websites if you care to look:


Also some good webpages ones here:

http: //www.coolhomepages.com

et cetera