misty christoffersen

{October 14, 2009}   Human Design

I remember, in our first year in 3d design foundations, we talked about the functionality of design. One of our examples was: if we design a chair no matter what it looks like we should be able to tell just by looking at it that it is a chair and what it is for.

A while ago, whilst reading my anthropology textbook, the thought occurred to me that our evolution might also be considered design; meaning we humans may also be considered a functional design. If you think about it every part of our human design is put there for a reason and every part of our being is jam-packed into one body.

As primates we come with many features in our design. We are quite generalized and we have kept many ancestral traits other mammals have lost. For example, our limbs are flexible and generalized in such a way that we are not locked into one specialized form of locomotion but we are more inclined towards an erect posture, also our feet have adapted to be able to carry a heavier load to support our inclination. Our hands and feet have a high degree of grasping ability and five digits and an opposable thumb make that possible. Our teeth have adapted to our omnivorous diet. We have incisors for cutting, canines for grasping and piercing, and premolars and molars for crushing and grinding.



The functionality of our design has evolved over time much like the design of a car or any other piece of technology has. What these examples have in common is they’ve gotten more and more complicated so that they can perform they’re functions better and better.


jillashley says:

This was very interesting to read. I never thought of it like that!

PS. Love your blog skin! It’s very you.


mjchris says:

thanks so much for reading! ill have to check out yours 🙂

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