misty christoffersen

{November 10, 2009}   Rain

My favorite kind of gum is Rain 5 Gum by Wrigley Company. And I have to admit part of the reason I buy it is not only because of their great tasting gum but also because I’ve noticed how they’ve designed their packaging and I like it a lot.

There are seven different kinds of gum in the 5 Gum collection.  Rain, Cobalt, and Flare were introduced first; second came Lush and Elixir; and most recently Solstice and Zing. The reason they are called “5 Gum” is because their motto: “Stimulate your senses,” suggests that it stimulates five of the human senses.


The package design consists of black and a signature color that goes with a particular flavor:

Rain: Green
Cobalt: Blue
Flare: Red
Lush: Yellow
Elixir: Pink
Solstice: Teal/Light Blue
Zing: Light Pink

Along with the black and complimentary color, the box uses relief in their design (indents in patterns) and contrasts between matte and glossy. (This is also used on the gum wrappers.)


The box design is very functional the top flap has a tab that inserts to keep the box closed and there are relief marks on the tap that give the tab a grip to open the box easier.


5 Gum has also incorporated its design into its website: http://www.5gum.com/

Have a nice day and dont forget to “Stimulate your senses.” 🙂


staceyaddison says:

I’ve always been extremely attracted to the 5 packaging.
I love how they incorporate so much design for such a small packaging.
They could have gone quite simple and plain, like most gum packages, but Wrigley’s chose to incorporate tactile as well as visual.
Very good blog choise!

jillashley says:

Did you buy all the gum and take the pics? So something I would do. lol

I’ve been meaning to try the solstice warm-cool one. How is it?

I love their packaging. My favourite part is the like slide-in-with-your-thumb-flap on the back!


marlenebakkelund says:

The packaging is very intriguing. I agree with the idea that their gum stimulates the senses. Their gum is appealing in many ways. The packaging looks great, the smell draws you in, the gum feels soft at first and the taste is terrific!

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