misty christoffersen

{December 10, 2009}   Fresh

I started my new job a couple weeks ago and during one of my breaks while I was walking around Southgate Shopping Centre and I came into the make-up store called Sephora and decided to check out their merchandise. One particular product design really caught my eye. I thought it was absolutely immaculate.  They did a very good job.

The product display was called Fresh Cosmetics and not only was there display beautiful and interesting one particular product caught my eye: their mascara.

There mascara types are Supernova and Firebird.  And they are both designed for different things. Supernova has a black and white dramatic design with swirls and is obviously meant for a dramatic look. Firebird is meant for a feathery look; It’s design is blue and with golden feathers.

I think Fresh really accomplished there message they wanted to get across to their audience with they’re designs. They’re message is that they want to show modernism as well as indulgence. They also want there products to be effective and well worth the money they’re consumers are spending. When I saw the designs I thought about the Rococo and how reminiscent it was of its style, which portrays pampering and indulgence (royal attitude).



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